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The global travel restrictions and the partial government shutdown in 2020 negatively affected the tourism industry. However, with the opening of international borders in 2021, travel is expected to recover in 2022.

Although the number of bookings for various travel methods has increased in the past six months, trips are still significantly different from those in 2019. A report by Zicasso, an online luxury travel agency, revealed that during the pandemic, travelers were more likely to stay in one location for longer than they were during the previous year. They also spent more money on vacations.

To get a deeper understanding of what is expected in 2022, here are some current travel trends that can help you plan your next vacation.

Organized Solo Travel

The number of people who book solo trips has increased significantly over the past decade due to the various perks of traveling on their own. Besides being able to customize their itinerary, solo travelers can meet new people and experience different cultures on a whole other level.

Women are more likely to organize group solo trips in order to meet other like-minded individuals. Many will meet up with other solo travelers so they’re not by themselves 24/7. Solo travelers are not waiting for their partner or friend to join them and tend to form deep friendships with the people they meet on their travels.

Multigenerational Trips

Whether it’s a road trip or a trip to a distant destination, an increasing number of families are taking vacations together. According to Brian Tan, the founder and CEO of Zicasso, the number of multigenerational family trips has increased significantly over the past decade. Some of these trips are for special occasions such as anniversaries or milestones.

He noted that grandparents are more likely to take their grandchildren on international trips in 2022. The number of people planning on traveling with their families and friends is also increasing due to the lower restrictions. The people are craving the opportunity to spend time together and experience the quality time that they have been missing.

Private Travel

The pandemic also triggered a spike in private travel, which included various types of trips such as yacht trips and remote getaways.

According to Andy Christie, the group private-jets director of Air Charter Service, there is no risk of a last-minute cancellation when traveling with private jets. In addition, with the flexibility of changing flight times, private planes allow people to travel to their desired destination without worrying about getting stuck in a schedule. He also noted that chartering a yacht allows people to enjoy the freedom to move their trip at their own pace.

Wellness Tourism

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness market will grow at a rate of 10% annually and reach a total of $7 trillion by 2025. This is no surprise, as the importance of one’s wellbeing has become more apparent during the pandemic. All that good health has to offer has entered the travel industry.

The Covid pandemic has prompted people to focus on their well-being and look into wellness retreats designed to provide a tranquil environment where experts can introduce people to the latest lifestyle changes and routines that benefit their wellbeing.