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Rob Bensh


A lover of travel, Rob Bensh’s career in oil, gas, and energy has taken him around the world and back. Some of his favorite places to travel have been Ukraine, South America, Australia, and England. Currently living in Houston, Texas, Rob is the Senior Managing Partner at Pelicourt, LLC.

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Rob has held leadership roles in finance, oil, and gas and has led ten major acquisitions with a career that spans over two and a half decades. No doubt, Rob’s career has been one of international recognition and proven success. He has worked on the Management Committee at Gastek/Kub Gas – the fourth largest private oil and gas producer in Ukraine, and as a Managing Shareholder at Leadville Resources, to name a few.

A believer in the importance of education, Rob received his Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University, earning his undergraduate degree in History and Political Science. After that, Rob is also working towards a Master of Arts Degree in Global Security and later graduated from the Directors of Education Program within the Institute of Corporate Directors at the University of Toronto.

One of Rob Bensh’s favorite parts about his career is the opportunity it allows him to explore the world and travel. For Rob – especially as an executive within the Oil, Energy, and Finance industries – it’s especially important to get out and learn from other cultures, societies, and people.
Rob Bensh is also a strong advocate for physical fitness and the importance that a healthy body plays on a healthy mind. For Rob, the importance of physical can not be overstated, and it’s one of the fundamental routines in his life that has helped him excel as a global executive in a multi-faceted industry and as a father and husband in the midst of a busy schedule.

Be sure to follow Rob Bensh as he writes about his favorite places to travel, his best tips and tricks to maximizing your travel and having the best time possible, and why travel means a whole lot more than simply a good time with your shoes off, kicked back in the sand (though, there’s nothing wrong with that, either).