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Although some people prefer visiting the beach during the summer, or ski vacations in the winter, many trips are best to take during fall. Fall is the perfect time of year for a vacation, as you’ll have to deal with less crowds and will be able to find cheaper prices for food and lodging. Autumn is also referred to as the “shoulder season,” and serves as the divider between the summer months and the winter. 


Beautiful Weather

There’s no doubt about it, the weather in the fall is beautiful. It’s not too hot or too cold, so you’ll be able to spend time outdoors all day long. Depending on your destination, you may even be able to enjoy time at the beach or go swimming. 

The brisk weather is perfect for adventurous treks through the mountains and camping. If your vacation spot is near a forest, you’ll also be able to see some spectacularly colored fall leaves. As a bonus, if you travel later during the fall, you will also avoid pests such as mosquitoes. 


Fewer Crowds

Another major perk of vacationing in the fall is that most places are less crowded. Fewer travel frustrations are more annoying than being jostled by other tourists around every corner. If you travel during the fall, many people will be back at work or school. You won’t have to worry about overcrowded beaches, making dinner reservations weeks in advance, or trying to take a picture of an iconic site full of tourists. Fewer crowds mean a more peaceful and relaxing getaway. 


Discounted Prices

Along with fewer tourists come lower prices. During the fall, demand is a lot lower, meaning prices drop for meals, accommodation, and even flights. Although some shops, restaurants, and hotels may close during the season, you’re sure to find plenty of other options at great prices! 


Great Timing

Fall is also the perfect time of year for a relaxing break between the busyness of summer and the winter holidays. Summer is full of activities, from family reunions to sports events. A trip during the fall will refresh you, even if it’s just a long weekend before the holiday season kicks off with Thanksgiving. 


If you’re deciding when to plan a vacation, the fall should be a no-brainer. You’ll have to deal with less crowds, be able to take advantage of the shoulder season prices, and enjoy a perfectly-timed and well deserved getaway.