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After two years of COVID restrictions, many families are looking for ways to cast aside their cabin fever and reclaim some semblance of a normal life. However, some travel restrictions remain in place, and in many cases, cost continues to be a prohibitive factor to travel for individuals as well as families. As a result, people may want to stick closer to home this year and seek out more affordable travel options.

One way to escape on a budget is to take a camping trip. Additionally, a camping trip is a COVID-friendly retreat as the pandemic continues to cause concern. With that in mind, here are a few family camping trips to consider.


  1. Glamping Hub–This website is geared towards campers of all socioeconomic classifications. From travelers seeking a 5-Star glamping experience to those yearning for a rustic getaway, this venue is ready to accommodate. Prices start around $100 per night; however, less expensive options are available if vacationers are comfortable with few amenities.


  1. RV Travels–Some families or individuals may want to consider renting or purchasing a recreational vehicle, or RV. The Internet offers several websites to choose from for renting a variety of RVs of all sizes directly from their owners, with varying terms and criteria. Bare-bones pull-behind RV rentals can start at around $100 per night, while Class C motorhomes and above typically start at $150 per night. However, it is important to note that RV rentals tend to come with mileage caps. Moreover, vacationers will be responsible for gas, campground access, and insurance costs. Furthermore, RVs are gas-guzzlers and extremely fuel inefficient.


  1. Florida Everglades–Families may want to consider the Florida Everglades for a getaway, especially those within close proximity to the well-known locale. Rental options include eco-tents and houseboats, which typically sleep four adults and two kids maximum, and prices start at $350 per night for upcoming dates. Conversely, eco-tents, which feature bed linens and sit on platforms, offer copious storage, electricity, and sitting areas for around $50 per night.

Whether travelers are looking for cost-efficient accommodations or more upscale venues, these resources should help families and individuals looking for getaway options and camping trips to consider.