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Many hotels want to cater to business travelers, but few understand exactly what these unique travelers need and make the adjustments necessary to accommodate them. Business travelers are a lucrative audience, especially if they need to make multiple trips to the same area. If they enjoy their stay, they are more likely to book the same hotel again and suggest it to their colleagues. The perfect stay for a business traveler looks different today than it did even a few years ago, and hotels need to prioritize keeping up with the times to stay ahead of the curb. 


A Personally Tailored Experience

Today, business travelers are looking for a completely personalized experience. Thanks to technology, such as the GPS features in phones, hotels have a treasure trove of data at their disposal. This data needs to be used wisely and in a variety of ways. For example, hotels can track a guest’s likes and dislikes, and use them to improve their future experience and keep them returning over and over again. If a hotel assigns a set of preset preferences to a guest’s loyalty number, they can automatically tailor their guest’s experience before they so much as set foot in the door. 



Business travelers are far busier than any other type of traveler. Between meetings and catching up on work, they demand hotels that can suit their unique needs. They expect experiences that are as streamlined as possible. Hotels can meet this need through integrating technology. Allowing guests to check in at a kiosk prevents them from having to wait in line. Some hotels offer keyless entry, in which guests can use an app-generated code to unlock their door. 

Speed is the name of the game. When business travelers are flying into the city one day and out the next, time is of the essence. Anything hotels can do to help them save valuable minutes will keep these unique guests coming back. 


Options for Work and Rest

The best hotels for business travelers provide a space that works well for both completing work and getting some much-needed rest. Hotel rooms should be comfortable and accommodating. They should also feature plenty of outlets, high-speed wifi, and a business center open at all hours. 

When someone isn’t working, they want a comfortable room where they can recuperate from their busy day. Their mattress and bedding should be top-notch, and everything from the water pressure to the air conditioning should be running perfectly. 


Business travelers are lucrative customers, but hoteliers need to work hard to adapt to their unique needs. Remember, these travelers don’t just want a personalized stay, speedy service, and excellent accommodations; they expect it.