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Traveling has the potential to be exciting, stressful and a little uncomfortable all at the same time. You can eliminate a lot of the negatives associated with traveling with some proper planning. The goal is to be prepared for just about anything that can happen while you are away from home. An easy way to do this is by bringing some helpful travel accessories. These are four uncommon travel accessories that everyone needs to try out on their next trip.

Taco Cord Organizer
Your phone charger and earbuds have become essential items on every trip. Unfortunately, the wires on these objects can easily become damaged or tangled when they are placed inside a travel bag. Make sure this does not happen by getting a few taco cord organizers. These are small leather taco-shaped pouches that safely keep your cords together without any risk of damage.

Portable Washing Bag
Accidents are bound to happen when you are traveling. One of these accidents can completely ruin your outfit in a matter of seconds. Nobody wants to wear dirty clothes or attempt to hunt down a laundromat in a foreign city, so it is best to travel with a portable washing bag. These bags can fit in any suitcase, and they are able to wash a few important items in only five minutes.

Vaccine Card Wallet
A large number of indoor attractions around the world are now requiring proof of vaccination in order to enter the establishment. The flimsy vaccine card is bound to get damaged if you keep it in your pocket for the entire trip. Keep this important document protected by getting a new vaccine card wallet. This wallet has a slot specifically designed for the vaccine card. The other side of the wallet has plenty of space to hold your ID and credit cards.

Packing Cubes
There is nothing worse than having to take everything out of a suitcase just to find the one thing you want or need at the time. This is even worse when you are forced to do it in a crowded airport. Improve your travel experience by using packing cubes. These are essentially several small suitcases that fit in the large suitcase to keep everything separated and organized.