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It’s great to see the world, but sometimes, the logistics of travel can be difficult. That’s where travel accessories come in. A good travel accessory can make things easier for a traveler no matter where they’re headed or how long they’ll be there. These travel accessories are a great option for any traveler, whether they’re on the go for business or for pleasure.


UV Sanitizer

One of the greatest innovations in recent years is the portable UV sanitizer. This item is made by a number of companies. It’s a great way to kill germs on often-handled hotel items like the remote controls or telephone handsets. A typical UV sanitizer works while housing the item it’s disinfecting. Some of these sanitizers also double as chargers for mobile phones. They’re a great accessory for anyone who worries about the germs their cellphone picks up in airports.


Compact Shoes

Foldable shoes can go a long way to make traveling more comfortable. There are several companies that make folding slip-ons. Some of the sturdiest are the Cruzers, made by FitKicks. These can easily be stashed in a purse or a carry-on. Slip-ons are often less restrictive than standard shoes. They’re not just a good choice for long flights. They also work well for events. For example, after a long night in heels at a concert, slipping this kind of portable shoe on is a big relief.


Portable Hotspot

For international travel, the Skyroam Solis can be a lifesaver. This portable hotspot works in over a hundred countries. Anyone who uses their devices will be happy to avoid the security risks and charges that come with using wifi around the world. It supports up to five devices at one time, meaning it can be shared by couples or families, too. The Skyroam Solis is a great choice for any traveller no matter their budget, reason for travel or destination.


SIM Adapter Kit

Another great technology solution for international travelers is the Samdi SIM card adapter kit. This kit includes a tool for removing a SIM card and also has three sleeves where cards can be stored when they’re not in use. The whole kit is also small enough to fit in a standard-sized wallet. This means it offers a secure way to store these small and very important items.