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Traveling enthusiasts love to explore different locales with rich culture to experience and diversity to learn about. Canada is a sprawling country filled with attractions. The following list features top attractions across Canada.


Nova Scotia

Nearly half of voters chose Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse as the top attraction here. Built along the South Shore in 1915, Peggy’s Point Lighthouse is located in a quaint fishing village and may be Canada’s most photographed and best-known lighthouse.



Most voters selected Niagara Falls as Ontario’s top attraction. Its beauty is undeniable, featuring the Horseshoe Falls as the largest. Niagara Falls is famed for its stunning appearance and great value in terms of hydroelectric power.


Prince Edward Island

This lovely island is famous thanks to L. M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series, and the draw of the island is in fact the series of attractions related to the titular Anne.



A stunning 81.85 votes acclaimed Old Quebec City as Quebec’s top attraction. Travelers can bask in European charm while strolling through this UNESCO World Heritage treasure.


New Brunswick

Three-fourths of voters selected the Bay of Fundy as the top attraction here. It is one of North America’s 7 wonders, with the earth’s highest tides, the world’s rarest whales, and dinosaur fossils.



In Nunavut, nearly half of voters chose Baffin Island, which beat out the Northwest Passage Trail. This largest island in Canada is the fifth-largest island to be found in the world. It is a spectacular homeland for the Inuit as well as being an accessible Arctic place of wonder.



Here, nearly half of voters decided to award the Klondike National Historic Site the prestigious epithet of top attraction. Explorers can check out colorful frontier buildings in a place that intertwines the past and present.


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Churchill and its polar bears win the acclaim in Manitoba. Here explorers can watch the majestic animals move from summer homes on the tundra of the sub-arctic to the Hudson Bay shore where they await ice to hunt seals.



Here the most popular place to visit is the Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park. It was created for the protection of the Athabasca sand dunes, a unique geophysical feature in Saskatchewan’s boreal shield ecosystem.