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2019 is drawing to a close. As we reflect on the top trends of this year, we need to keep in mind the trends that we will be seeing in the near future. The travel industry is constantly evolving. As you book your upcoming trip, keep the following in mind. 


More Conscious Travel

Over the last few years, many people have been studying how to make travel more eco-friendly so we’ll have these beautiful places around to visit for years to come. People have become more conscious about the CO2 emissions flying and other travel-related activities produce. Now people are considering “slower” options, such as trains instead of planes or cars. For example, the average Eurail trip produces three times less CO2 emissions per person than the same route by car. 

More travel influencers are turning to social media to talk about the importance of slow travel. Eco-friendly options will only become increasingly popular as more and more people begin choosing them and then sharing their stories. 


Less Technology 

Many travelers are looking to unplug on their vacations. In fact, according to, 68 percent of millennial women want to take a trip next year that allows them to disconnect from every type of communication. The trend will be different from previous years, where people have been constantly on their phones, sharing pictures of their travels. 

Digital detoxes allow people to fully relax and be mindful in taking in their surroundings. This mentality feeds back into the conscious travel trend. 


Culinary Travel

Now, many people enjoy traveling for culinary reasons. Leaving their home region allows them to try exotic cuisines and learn how they are made. Today, travelers can enjoy meals at local private homes, farm-to-table visits, cooking classes, and so much more. People are after more than just a meal. Instead, they want the entire culinary experience. Food may be one of the most defining factors when people are deciding where to travel. 

No matter what food or drink you are interested in trying, you’re sure to find an experience that combines education, exploration, and, of course, delicious food. 


Which of these trends are you interested in exploring over the coming months? Whether you’re interested in becoming more eco-friendly, unplugging from your devices, or sampling delicious foreign foods, there are many other people participating in these trends.