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Texas is the second-largest state in the country by area. The massive size and rich history of the state makes it the perfect vacation destination. You can spend weeks in Texas and never run out of fun things to see or do. This can also make narrowing your list down a little daunting when you only have a limited time to spend in the area. These are the four things you must absolutely do while in Texas.

The Alamo

There are few places in the United States with a richer history than the Alamo. The building was originally constructed in 1744 before being transformed into a fort during the Texas Revolution nearly 100 years later. The Alamo is now a memorial honoring the few hundred fallen soldiers that died defending the building against the Mexican army.

San Antonio River Walk

While Texas is filled with beautiful buildings and landscapes, nothing can top an evening walking along the San Antonio River. This picturesque park takes you through the heart of the city. This type of tranquil setting is rarely found in a bustling city. Make sure to take time to stop at some of the restaurants, bars and shops that are located along the river.

Dallas Zoo

Dallas is home to the state’s oldest and largest zoo. The 106-acre Dallas Zoo was originally opened in 1888. There are currently more than 400 different species of animals living in the zoo. While you will have a good time at every exhibit, the Dallas Zoo is best
known for its African monorail safari and the Giants of the Savanna attractions. The accurate recreation of the African landscape will make you forget you are in Texas.

Houston Space Center

If you want to learn more about NASA and our country’s space travels, then you need to stop at the Houston Space Center. You will get to view three spacecraft that were used on actual missions, a replica of the Space Shuttle and several other important artifacts. The Houston Space Center is also one of only eight spots in the world where the public can touch a real lunar rock.