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Travel is sometimes a pleasure and sometimes just a necessity for work. Whenever people are on the road, it’s easy for them to start to feel worn down. Spending long hours in a plane or on a train crowded with other people isn’t exactly a recipe for great health, especially during flu season when everybody’s coughing. However, there are plenty of simple lifestyle choices people can make to help them stay healthy while on the road.


The most important rule for traveling might just be to get enough sleep. This is especially true when dealing with long-distance travel that crosses at least one time zone. Things like jet lag are real, and it’s important to give the body a chance to recover from a long journey. The other thing to remember when it comes to sleep and travel is that pacing is important. There’s always the desire to rush around the new city and get a lot done, whether it’s a pleasure or business trip. However, the best way to actually be productive can be through scheduling time to decompress.


Another good tip for traveling is to be careful about food and drink. Again, being on the road is a chance to experience great restaurants and even new cuisines. But moderation can be the best way to feel good while traveling. It’s important to limit the intake of rich, indulgent foods and beverages. Vegetables and water should still be a big part of a traveler’s meal plan. Eating nutrient-rich foods like greens and staying hydrated will actually contribute to an energized feeling. The occasional treat can be fine, but it should still be just that: a special treat, not an all-day eating strategy.


Finally, it’s a good idea to be careful about what you touch. Tourist destinations and conferences are crowded places. People are coming in from all over, and it’s very possible they’re bringing germs with them. It’s a good idea to always have some hand sanitizer or wet wipes while on the road. This is also a great way to control for bathrooms that may not be equipped as well as facilities in North America. There are plenty of travel-sized solutions that can be found at chain stores.