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Traveling to explore new cultures is an exciting way to spend your vacation, but it can be especially costly as well. This is largely because prices are much higher in areas commonly frequented by tourists. Additionally, crime is often higher in these areas, because locals know tourists make easier targets. You can avoid these unpleasant aspects of traveling by following these tips for avoiding common tourist traps.


Do Some Research

You can usually identify the worst tourist traps by reading a few travel books, or asking others about their visit to the same city. Restaurants and attractions that are commonly mentioned are likely to be pricey targets for tourists. These are the places you should avoid at all costs.


Talk to the Locals

Once you get to town, start making small talk with local staff at hotels, restaurants, and more. During your conversations, ask about their favorite places to eat, or their favorite things to do around town. This can help you discover businesses that are more moderately priced and less packed with other tourists.


Don’t Accept Unsolicited Opinions

If someone randomly approaches you on the street and urges you to visit a particular restaurant or nightclub, you’re better off avoiding that place altogether. It’s very likely this person is being paid by the restaurant in question to pull in tourists. This is often a sign that the food and service won’t be of a high quality.


Veer Away From Landmarks

Historical sites and other landmarks are a certain sign that you’re in a tourist trap and you can trust that any businesses in the area will be charging more. If you want to avoid overspending, take a walk or ride a few blocks away, or look for a commercial sector in another part of the city.

In addition to avoiding restaurants and attractions in tourist areas, you should also avoid staying in hotels in these areas. You can save a significant amount on your lodging by staying a few miles away. If there’s something closer to the center of town, you can always catch a cab to your destination. You may find that you can save a great deal on your travel budget by staying far from the more populated tourist traps in any city.