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London is one of the most diverse, busting, and exciting cities to visit in western Europe. No matter what your interests, you’re sure to find a site to visit that’s perfect for you. London has so much to offer whether you prefer history, art, or theatre. If this is your first trip, use these activities for inspiration as you determine your itinerary. 

Walk Around Westminster 

In Westminster, you can find the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, the bell in the world-famous clock tower that chimes every hour. 

While you’re in Westminster, don’t miss Westminster Abbey. This beautiful medieval church is one of London’s most iconic sights, whether it be for coronations, royal weddings, or just as a tourist attraction. Although the building is open to the public most days, it’s still a good idea to check ahead of time to make sure you are free to visit. 

Cruise the Thames River

The Thames is England’s longest river, and a spot that shouldn’t be missed during your visit. Multiple companies offer cruises that run past several iconic locations such as Tower Bridge and the London Eye. Some cruises offer meals or afternoon tea, while others run at night so you can admire the city lights. 

Visit the City’s Art Galleries

Art connoisseurs will love London. The city has many galleries to offer, whether you are interested in classic or contemporary art. As an added bonus, many of the galleries are free, such as the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.The National Gallery features art by famed artists such as da Vinci, van Gogh, and Rembrandt.  

For those who are more interested in modern art, the Tate Modern on the Southbank shouldn’t be missed. The building itself is beautiful, and holds works by Picasso, Klee, and so many more. 

The Tower of London

For those who love history, the Tower of London is a great place to go sightseeing. The Tower actually includes many towers, and visitors can see up to 12 of them. You’ll be able to see exhibitions about everything from the crown jewels to the artifacts of Henry VIII, Charles I, and James II

The lines for entry are long and tickets are expensive at 26.80 pounds, but travelers everywhere agree that the Tower of London is well worth it. You can save by booking tickets online in advance.