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Many Americans travel during the summer to places in the US and abroad. Travelers can choose from a multitude of destinations depending on what they enjoy. These are some of the best places for summer travelers with different ways to enjoy the summer sun.


One of the best summer vacation spots is Alaska. It is still cold in the summer months, with the hottest month of July averaging 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Visitors can safely travel north in Alaska during this time and go for hikes. The volcanos and large national parks are a big draw for tourists due to the massive size of the land, including one park that has millions of acres.

Marseille, France

Marseille, in the south of France, is a seaside city with ideal summer weather to enjoy the coast. Tourists can take advantage of the warm summer weather to engage in watersports. Sailing is common in the area, as is sunbathing and swimming. Festivals abound during the summer, and visitors can easily catch a regional wine tasting tour out of the city.

Chicago, Illinois

While Chicago is cold for much of the year, it has pleasant weather in the summer. Visitors can expect to see lots of outdoor art and music. Families can enjoy the numerous museums and science centers, such as The Art Institute of Chicago, Alder Planetarium, and the Museum of Science and Industry. Tourists can indulge in the famous deep-dish pizza and go for a boat ride on the lake.

Yucatán, Mexico

The Yucatán is in the southernmost part of Mexico above Belize. Visitors can find a large number of sandy beaches for swimming and relaxing. It also has lots of cultural sites, such as the Mayan ruins site of the Chichen Itza. Visitors can also visit colonial towns and take part in many different cultural festivals in the summer. The bright colors of the buildings, a tradition in the area, along with the tropical weather make this one of the best summer vacation spots.

Whether someone wants to swim at the beach or hike a snowy mountain, there are plenty of options for summer travel. While it has its benefits, summer travel presents challenges due to the high number of tourists. Booking in advance can help avoid disappointment.