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Whether you’re constantly on the go for work or just traveling for a quick vacation, packing is an important part of preparing for the journey. The following are some great pieces of advice you can use as you pack for your next trip. 


Start With a List

Before you pack, create a list of what you need to pack. Divide it up into sections such as toiletries and clothing. This can also double as a shopping list– highlight the items that you need to purchase. Creating a list ensures that you stay organized as you pack. This way you can avoid doing everything in a frenzy the night before. As a bonus, you can take your list with you on your trip. This way you can check every item as you repack it so you make sure that you don’t leave anything behind!


Know Your Airline’s Limits

The baggage limit may vary from trip to trip, depending on which airline you use. You should know your limit before you arrive at the airport. Finding out that your luggage is overweight minutes before your flight is a frustrating and costly experience. Use a luggage scale to make sure your baggage is the correct weight. 


Prepare for the Worst

Pack any essentials in a carry-on bag that you can take with you on your flight. If you need any medications, make sure you have them with you. You should also bring some toiletries, a couple of changes of clothes, and, of course, a phone charger. This way if your luggage gets lost, you will still have enough to get by for a few days. Remember that liquids are more restricted in a carry-on bag. Make sure you look up what you are and are not allowed to bring before you pack. 


Use Space Wisely

Chances are you only have a set amount of space available to you. Maximize space by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. That way they’ll take up less space, and you won’t have any wrinkles or creases in your clothing. Use every bit of space you can. For example, roll up your socks and put them inside your shoes. If you are taking any delicate items, nestle them in clothing instead of using tissue paper. 

Packing doesn’t have to be frustrating. By following these tips, you’ll be more prepared, avoid forgetting anything important, and ready to enjoy your trip!